internal evaluation

Yesteday we had an internal evaluation at work. In my country every kindergarten has to do one at least twice a year. As for me it was my first ever and it was a great experience. We talked about how we record the learning progress of the children. It was interessting to hear how the other group is doing it and what each workmate thinks about the theme. I am already looking forward to the second one at the end of the year.
Also my boss is the cutest, she did breakfast for the whole team. It looked like a buffet in a hotel, with fresh fruits and all that good stuff. She is always thinking about us, even gave each of us a little something for easter.
After the internal evaluation we went eating out. It's always a lot of fun eating out with them. We should do that more often. Next time I will take some pictures, at least of the food! XD
25.3.16 21:34

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